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Portable petrol station popularly known as TANK TAINERS come complete with a tank of various capacities housed in a shipping container, dispenser pump, piping system and electrical wiring system. Available capacities are;

  • 6,000litres,
  • 10,000litres,
  • 16,000litres,
  • 20,000litres,
  • 25,000litres
  • 30,000litres,
  • 60,000litres.

It’s ideal for company filling station, commercial petrol station in urban and upcountry setting, fuel storage facility

Our extent of tank holders is the reasonable reaction to the vehicle and limit of mass fluids, and are open for leasing or by and large purchase. Ideal for both static and transport limits, they agree to the most stringent worldwide points of interest and are quality evaluated to ISO (International Standard Organization) and IMO (International Maritime Organization) guidelines, and meet the latest general transportation and plan controls.

Going in estimate from 21,000 to 26,000 liters, Containers Fabrication’s tank holders are devoted to specific item sorts including:

  • Food Cargoes
  • Semi-dangerous things, for instance, diesel, paraffin and some oil included substances
  • Risky things, for instance, avgas, oil things and chemicals
  • High weight mechanical gasses

Our armada is kept up to a selective prerequisite and acts as an ace division inside Containers Fabrication, ensuring that our tank clients get solitary thought and the idea of organization Containers Fabrication has come to be known for in this field.

For viable and effective transport of fluids and high weight gasses, Containers Fabrication. We have a broad assortment of tanktainers accessible, paying little heed to whether you are planning to rent or make a purchase. We ensure that your stock arrives sheltered and secure.

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