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Commercial stalls

We convert both 20ft and 40ft containers into portable commercials stalls available in the following sizes.

  • 20ft completely partitioned into 3shops of dimensions 8ft x 6.67ft
  • 40ft container partitioned into 5shops of dimensions 8ftx8ft
  • 40ft Container partitioned into 6shops of dimensions 8ftx6.67ft

Our stalls come complete with the following features.

  • Electrical wiring, lighting systems, socket outlets, circuit breaker/sub-meter for each shop.
  • 5x8ft Roller shutter doors which makes them extra secure and burglar proof.
  • Spray painted both internal and externally with colors of clients choice for avoidance of rust, branding and for beauty.

We have 2 broad categories of stalls depending on the types of doors used.

  1. ROLLER SHUTTER STALLS; these are container stalls fitted with roller shutter doors. All other features are the same. These are the most favorite for many clients mainly because these doors are space friendly.
  2. CUT-OUT DOORS; these are container stalls fitted with container cut-out doors. In simpler terms, the section of the container cut to create shops openings are modified into doors are fitted back with high level of precision.

Offering stalls/shops made from containers.

Commercial containers esteem expansion (dividing and creation) is likewise our specialty. Most Businesses now select Temporary structures that are likewise secure and versatile for convenience.

Containers Fabrication offers stalls and shops and no more moderate costs. They give astounding versatility and high efficiency and productivity for the elaboration of individual outlines for shops, bistros, remains for fast food and purchaser stock, advantage work territories and other exchanging outlets. Each stall is secured with steel entryways and dividers for improved security.

The diverse estimations and different decisions for configuration are made in understanding to the customer’s details and necessities.

Standard measurements are:

kiosk 300 x 500

kiosk 300 x 300

kiosk 270 x 300

kiosk 240 x 400

kiosk 240 x 300

kiosk 220 x 500

kiosk 200 x 400

The kiosk measurements can be modified according to the customer’s specifications.

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