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Refrigerated containers popularly known as REEFERS has the same dimensions as their equivalents 20ft and 40ft dry steel containers but with temperature regulator with as low as -60 degrees Celsius. Drains can be opened or closed for condensation discharge. This depends on the goods stored.

We stock 20 feet and 40 feet Refrigerated (Reefer) Containers.

They are all Daikin and Carrier reefers mainly because they are the units highly sought for because of the availability and affordability of spare parts. They are also less noisy. The Reefer units come with a 6 months warranty. Once the warranty period has expired we can be servicing the Reefers at a small fee. The features of the Reefers are as follows;

  • Temperature range:   -30o c to +30o c
  • Fresh air exchange: Adjustable from 0-285m2 /hr
  • Dehumidification range: 65% – 85%

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