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The need for considerably low cost and portable offices has made container offices the choice for many companies and organizations. Containers fabrication come in handy to offer this solution with our well designed container offices at a very competitive prices

Our offices come with the following features.

Insulation features– we have double insulation with an inner lining of Styrofoam on the ceiling and walls throughout the container and an outer lining of dry 9mm/12mm gypsum boards.

With these double layer insulation, the internal temperature is maintained at room temperature at all times.

Electrical wiring; all our containers comes complete with electrical wiring, lighting systems, output sockets, data cables, security light to standard and specification.

Steel French or Aluminum doors and windows– depending on the usage and environment as well as the client’s tastes and preferences. Aluminum windows could either be top hang with closers or sliding.

Air conditioner; although we are able to achieve room temperatures through our insulation strategy, clients who have air conditioner as a requirement in their structures, we install split mountable air conditioner strictly on customer request.

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